Improving learning opportunities

Welcome to Cockshut Hill School. Behaviour for Learning is a whole school behaviour policy which covers all aspects of school life. It works on the principle that students of secondary age are not obliged to misbehave but occasionally make conscious choices to do so. They must accept that there will be consequences as a result of their actions.

All sanctions (Bs) are given through a central school system and are carefully monitored by senior staff. No other sanctions will be used.

The aims of Behaviour for Learning are:

  • To improve standards of behaviour in the learning environment.
  • To enhance the learning opportunities of all students.
  • To provide clearly defined boundaries for students and staff regarding acceptable behaviour and the consequences of misbehaviour.
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions.

How it works

  • B1: First misbehaviour = verbal warning
  • B2: Second misbehaviour = verbal warning
  • B3: Third misbehaviour = 45 minute detention 3.00-3.45pm.
  • B4: Fourth misbehaviour = isolation the following day 8.40am to 3.45pm.
  • Friday detentions can continue later than 3:45pm.



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