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The Journey to Gold Begins:   Only last year, Cockshut Hill became the first school across the Ninestiles trust to achieve the silver UNICEF award. Cockshut Hill’s newly recruited and old UNICEF ambassadors set out to achieve the glorious gold award and have high ambitions of becoming the first Secondary in Birmingham to achieve this triumphant

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Alder House WIN Cockshut’s UNICEF “Bake Off 2017”

Congratulations Alder house – staff and students who took part! 2nd place – Yew (91 points) 3rd place – Oak (86 points) 4th place – Beech (85 points) 5th place – Maple (82 points) 6th place – Elm (76 points)

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Article 32: Child Labour

What does it mean?  Governments must protect children from work that is dangerous or might harm their health or education. Why is it Article of the Month? June 12th is World Day against Child Labour.  At this very moment around 168 million children are involved in child labour in the world.  Conflicts and disasters have

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Cockshut Hill School wins respect award

Cockshut Hill School has been accredited as a Level 1 Rights Respecting School. They started the journey in the summer of 2016 forming an action plan to become Rights Respecting. The school chose to underpin its vision for improvement around the award strategically planning its practices around elements involved. At the heart of the award lie

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Article 15: Freedom of association

This is article of the month for May because Cockshut Hill School has established links with a school in China. Children have the right to meet with each other and join groups if they wish. We want to celebrate this right as we consider what we can learn from students in China.

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