Positive Feedback: The Transformation Trust

Dear Mr Bridges,

My name is Sam Draper, I am a facilitator working for The Transformation Trust – an educational charity that recently worked with students from your school on the Powering Transformation project sponsored by Dell.

I am writing to say that my experience with your students from years 7, 8, and 9, at Coventry University today was wonderful. The students were enthusiastic, well-mannered, hardworking and a pleasure to work with. They are a credit to your school.

I hope they enjoyed the day with us, and I hope they continue to work with The Transformation Trust in the future. We have a rich menu of programmes that your school is eligible for, all of which are fully funded.

As a school that has taken part in one of our programmes this year, you are also eligible to attend Rock Assembly in July 2018 at Wembley Arena. Rock Assembly is a careers fair and pop concert that encourages young people to ‘think big’ about their futures. If you would like tickets for your students (Year 8 and above) please get in contact with Amy.leonard@transformationtrust.org.uk

Once again, a pleasure to work with your students at Coventry University.

Kind regards

Sam Draper

The Transformation Trust