Following British Values – Voting for our House Captains

On 22nd June 2017, students voted for their House Captains. In the weeks leading up to voting day, students wishing to become candidates completed an application form on which they stated the qualities they felt they had which would make them an effective House Captain and what made them proud to be a member of Cockshut Hill School. They then stood in front of their respective Houses to deliver a speech, a nerve wracking experience for some!

Voting took place at break and lunchtime, students’ names being checked off a list to ensure each only voted once before they were handed a voting slip. Once completed, the slips were placed into the appropriate House’s ballot box, and counted at the end of the day.

The new House Captains will be an important part of the school, helping out with events and competitions, but also sitting on the School Council where they will represent the views of the student population, putting forward proposals and ideas, and raising concerns to help move the school forward to become an even better place for all stakeholders.

This was a great display of democracy, student voice and British Values in action!